Lanka Family Reunion

This was by far the most people I have photographed in one shot, so I was a little nervous.  Thankfully, they are my relatives so they were forced to love me regardless of my performance.  We had the most fun! Some of these cousins I had not seen in YEARS, so I jumped at the opportunity to photograph them.  They were coming together for my aunt and uncles 65th wedding anniversary. They are the cute couple in white, Clarence and Judy Lanka of Stapleton, NE.  They have four kids, who also have two-four kids, who also have a bazillion kids.  They are all down to earth and live all over the country.  Farmers, teachers, ranchers, therapists, military, craftsmen, artists, engineers, missionaries, bible teachers, pastors, marathon runners, and on and on.... living coast to coast. Amazing family. Grateful I'm related. Oh.....and they're a bit on the crazy side ;)